For people that believe that planning doesn’t generate business income and that view planning an overhead expense that they can’t afford to embrace, say what?

This is wrong.  Planning is a task that if omitted, will surely turn your job or project into a mess for which you will lose money and most likely your customer as well.  Without planning you have chaos.  Chaos and technology don’t go together at all.  In fact, lack of planning and technology go together like oil and water.  This is why it is always important to do your homework first.

How Planning Benefits Tech / IT Companies

What does planning do for you as a tech or owner of an IT company?  First and foremost, your plan will help guide your tasks and if you should be off course, your plan will help you get back on track if your approach has gone awry.  Planning helps you set customer expectations.  Remember, you are on site for a reason.  You have expertise and skills your customer does not have within their company.  This doesn’t mean your customer or your point of contact doesn’t have business expertise and if they do and you haven’t planned your event, it will show up immediately.  Your customer will most likely become very anxious (and rightfully so) seeing their hard earned investment and resources being mismanaged or worse, going into a black hole for which it will never return.

Lastly, planning helps you with your own resources.  Who will be where at what time performing what task?  You may have many technicians and if you don’t know what they are doing and when they will do it, you may have a case of chaos within your business.  Rid yourself of chaos and do your homework.  Remember to always plan!

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