Account Scenario: “Band-Aids and Crutches”

Client: Large Legal Firm, Wilmington, DE

Crisis Mode


  • Unscheduled and unplanned maintenance was estimated to be $87K per year.
  • Network failure resulted in 20 to 30 hours a week of lost productivity.
  • Employees were frustrated that they couldn’t perform well.
  • Management, frustrated with the “Band-Aids and Crutches” approach, saw costs spiraling out of control.


  • Six servers and approximately 60 PC’s/laptops were at various life cycles.  None were newer than four years old.
  • Continual break down – almost daily – forced emergency visits averaging four times a week.

Successful Resolution

  • Client chose ION’s Tier III managed services approach: directing us to upgrade the complete infrastructure and all the equipment as well as including us in the Client’s monthly business operations meetings.
  • A core suite of the same operating system and office package (and other neccessary software applications) was installed on all PC’s.  All were upgraded collectively at the same time, ensuring consistent performance and an easy transition for future upgrades and changes.
  • All equipment was monitored by our Remote Monitoring and Management Software, which included two days of on-site support per week to perform various tasks.
  • The entire process took four months to complete.
  • ION provides integration with other vendors as an ongoing service to ensure there is a single point of contact for all Client’s technology needs.


  • Client costs were reduced to $52K in the first year, and were maintained for the following four years at $66K per year.
  • Only eight productivity hours were lost in the last four years in stark contrast to the 20 to 30 lost hours per week when in crisis mode.
  • Group Policy continues to govern the network.  Client requested increased governance in order to gain more productivity.
  • Business process are now automated to ensure accuracy.


  • Two unplanned machine failures were recorded in the last four years; the computers were backed up and began running effectively within four hours.
  • There have been no router failures.
  • Additional technology was installed:
  • – Copier equipment for counting printed pages for bill-back with various rates.
  • – More accurate dictation / recording equipment.

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