Do business owners have data security concerns might be a better question.  Unfortunately, the answer is, “Yes.”  But do not confuse last week’s blog “Just Say Yes” response in this scenario. They are not the same.


Should business leaders have data security concerns? Or is all this security mumbo-jumbo just that – mumbo-jumbo? Let us review the technological landscape over the last few years as we had this thing called the COVID-19 Pandemic – maybe you heard about it in your travels?


Today, ION Technology Group is going to define several reasons why the concern is real and can significantly affect your business. None of us want to tip the scale in the wrong direction when it comes to data security.

  1. Walking Data. Your home security likely does not come close to what business leaders have implemented at the office. Between business routers, firewalls, security services like IP Spoofing, and other third-party defenses are most likely not present at your home.  Threat actors are like the Tiger Sharks of the sea.  They usually end up attacking easy targets or in the case of a Tiger Shark, defenseless targets. While you probably have a home router/firewall, it is likely not up to the task as it has not taken on any firmware updates and similar patch services where at your office, these type actions are happening every day (should be happening) by your in-house or external technology team.  Are you better off at home where it typically takes seven (7) months to identify there is even an issue?
  2. Feeding off number 1 above, your home setup will not meet business compliance requirements. Do you have all the compliance defenses established at your home? Probably not but most users will continue forward trying to do the right things for the business while remote, but very likely failing miserably and there was not a second of thought whether you were or were not in compliance – you simply just got it done and moved on to the next task.
  3. Financial Loss. This seems to strike a nerve, no matter who you talk with. What business can afford to take on a $5M business ransom to get out of the security jam? This is a huge deficit for many businesses and others, well, they just pay it out.  And then there are prepared businesses that have all the recovery tools they need to “recreate” yesterday’s network image; thereby, getting back to square one quickly without paying the ransom.  Could you do that at home?
  4. If your organization does take on a security breach, can you afford to continue paying your employees, particularly those that have the skills (third-party or not) to clean up the threat? Most business owners loathe unexpected downtime as it cripples productivity and sales.
  5. Competitive Advantage. Hey! Business can be warfare in that if you can prove your business security services are better than your competitors, you should shout it to the rooftops and let every possible customer know you have their best interest in mind. And you should remind your customers at every turn without making it a core discussion topic because if they are not your customer now, they may be your customer tomorrow.

Business security is essential in making your business move to the forefront of your competitors. Once a bad news release hits the streets, it can be damaging, if not send the business down the drain, where you might end up with the Tiger Sharks and well, you know what happens next.


Contact ION Technology Group today to learn more about what security practices may or may not be working for your business and if you have taken the easy route in the past, it is time to be an industry leader, protect your business, protect your employees, and protect your future.  ION Technology Group can be reached at 1.856.719.1818 if you would like to discuss your strategy in more depth

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