What is Credential Stuffing?

What is Credential Stuffing? It is the implementation of acquired or purchased username(s) and password(s) pair(s) used to login into various services to include websites and local user accounts. From here, all paths lead to a security Account Takeover (ATO). These password pairs are your credentials. This process is typically automated whereas once the threat actors have the data sets, they drop the “file” into an engine that will automatically and at a very rapid pace, login/attempt to login to services you are using.

Anatomy of a Credential Stuffing Attack

  • Threat actor acquires credentials from other actors, breached sites, phishing, etc.
  • Threat actor will typically automate the process and test the credentials against all sites.
  • Threat actor validates the credentials are good.

The Payload Credential Stuffing Attack

  • Gaining access to sensitive or privileged information
  • Removing all accounts of their value, whatever “value” may be.
  • Perpetuating the attacks by using a hacked computer as a threat vehicle
  • Selling of the known good credentials for top $$$ on the dark web

What can we do to protect ourselves from a Credential Stuffing Attack?

  • Whenever and wherever possible, use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This may be your last line of defense against a threat actor.
  • Do NOT use the same usernames and passwords for multiple services. Each should be unique to you; otherwise, we help perpetuate Credential Stuffing.
  • Update your passwords regularly (3 months is recommended)

ION Technology Group is commonly asked, “How do I setup a good password that I can remember?”  Here is an example of a strong password approach that can easily be remembered. This is an example, so do not use this password.  Here goes ….

“I love the smell of flowers in the summertime” This phrase reminds me of “X”
iltsofits First letter of each word
Ilt50f!ts Mix it up, tada – a strong password

Contact ION Technology Group to learn more about what security measures you can take to protect yourself and your employees. A great place to start your security defense journey is through an ION Technology Group Security Briefing with real examples and how to identify them.  Contact ION Technology Group today at service@iontg.com or 1.856.719.1818.

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