IT Advice on Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your Technology Equipment

First, review your Lifecycle Plan for your equipment. Does the device or devices in question fit within this plan? If so, you can follow your plan and replace the equipment under this program as intended. If not, are the devices in question still under warranty? If so, you have a good opportunity to get your equipment back to an operational state. Is the equipment able to perform the tasks you need them to perform? This is a no brainer decision.

If you elect to repair your device, get an estimate of the repairs before making a firm decision. For an $800 computer, your repair costs should be less than $300.00. If your repair costs are more, then you will most likely want to replace the equipment. Don’t forget to include in your decision the age of the equipment itself. A device that is more than four years old may be a candidate for replacement without going through various exercises to determine its viability. Don’t forget to find out how long the repair is warrantied. Ninety days is the norm.

While this list of items is not exhaustive, it should provide you with a good gauge with the direction you need to take.

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