We’ll see if we can help you narrow down your choice. When shopping for  a new tablet, you must first decide if you are looking for a new “toy” or a business class device. You do not want to make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

On the Surface tablets, both user interfaces look identical.  It is very difficult to discern which device is which. However if you look closely, the Surface Pro is a tad bit heavier than the Surface RT and is physically, thicker because you can also have twice the SSD storage with the Surface Pro at 128 GB.  On the other hand, the battery life of the Surface RT is about 38% more efficient than the Surface Pro providing users with longer run time on a single charge.


In short, Surface RT is the equivalent to the iPad.  It’s fun to use and can be utilized to check email, surf the web and play games.  While it is a very fun toy, don’t expect it to handle the meat and potatoes of business processing. The Surface RT is not designed to be a full-fledged business tool and therefore, cannot be added to domain based architecture networks.


On the other hand, the Surface Pro is a true business class device that you can use everyday at work.  Docking stations and peripherals are easily added.  USB support is a snap and the tablet’s user interface is exceptional for mobile users. Please note that the Desktop/Workstation/Laptop version of Win8 is a bit awkward to use as there is typically a no touch interface on these devices.

Don’t forget “tap” which is the equivalent of a mouse click.  “Pinching or stretching” allow you to enlarge or shrink your view.  “Rotate and Turn” by holding down two fingers on the screen and simply rotate them.  Your image will rotate with you.

Windows8 is a big departure from the past (“Where’s my Start Button?”), but does give us a glimpse into the future.

If you have any IT questions, please email Dave at or call (856) 719-1818.

Happy Computing to all!

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