It is pretty safe to say assume that all businesses today use some form of technology and where there is technology, there usually a trail of frustrations. The benefits technology offers certainly outweigh any negatives. Everyone hits the occasional road block but why should businesses deal with this, if they don’t have to?

Often in situations where an employee of a company encounters an IT issue, they try and fix it themselves. Surprisingly, this is often under the guidance of their supervisor. It definitely isn’t uncommon for managers and supervisors to try and cut corners to save money, which in this case, would include having the employee, try and fix their own IT problem. The reality of this situation is that when looking at the larger picture, is it actually cutting a corner to proceed with this resolution.

It is important to think about factors such as: the amount of time the employee is going to spend trying to resolve their problem, the number of employees that may be involved and of course, the potential for the problem becoming worse. Time is a huge factor here and since for businesses, time is money, why would a business not want to hire an outside company to provide IT solutions for their company.

For a more detailed look at this situation, please visit to read our post, “Is it Wise to Encourage Employees to Solve Their Own IT Problems?”

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