Back up your life:

We are always looking for cool things to offer up that peak our interest. Our Field Supervisor recently suggested that we have a look at CrashPlan (by Codefourtytwo Software). You only have to lose your stuff once to appreciate the value of a good backup solution. As many in the business say, “you have to back it up to get it back.”

While we are not in a position to give it the “big thumbs up,” we like what we have experienced so far. They seem to have it together from employees (encouraging collaboration) to a wide range of products (enterprise-grade though apps for your mobile device). Even if you have a backup strategy in place, you might want to have a look.

They even offer free backup to your friends’ computers for free!All you need to do is have your friend install the program, sign up for an account (also free), and add you as a friend…then you can back up to their computer for no cost! Their rates for backup to their servers in their datacenters are also the most reasonable that we’ve seen and we are beginning trials in our test environment for possible deployment on our client systems.

Check them out at

Next time, what we think about Win 8!

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