It is a sad time for companies that have committed to using Google Apps for small businesses. The search engine giant that once played a role in helping small businesses, has shockingly discontinued access to their free suite.

Having previously offered this application for free to businesses with less than 10 users, Google has announced they will be charging fifty dollars per person, per year. This is a fairly large expense considering a small business with ten users will now be required to pay five hundred dollars per year.

With that being said, on a more positive note, there will be added perks to all of this as Google has promised they will ramp up services to provide a stronger, more uniform, user experience. In terms of Google Apps for IT Solutions Philadelphia based businesses are up in arms as they should be.

I suppose this was a bit predictable because in all honesty, nothing comes without cost. It is just sad that Google used the free service as a hook to get users dependent on the service before announcing the fee rates.

For additional information on Google doing away with their free version of Google Apps for small businesses, click to access the entire article posted by Jay Alabaster from IDG News Service.

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