As companies grow and expand, they often think about whether it is best to hire in-house or bring in outside help to assist. This is especially true for when a business requires IT assistance.

To make the best decision for the company, multiple factors must be considered. After that decision is made, the company must then decide on who to hire regardless of whether they are bringing in an IT company our employee to join their team.

For guidance on how to identify when IT help is required and for suggestions regarding what should be considered prior to making this large decision, please read our guest blog post, “Hiring an IT Consultant Vs Hiring In-House” on

In being a technology consulting company Philadelphia does have a large pool of IT applicants to hire for in-house employment. However, sometimes it is more beneficial to hire a consultant who has much expertise in the area and that can help out as needed. Paying a consultant as needed may also prove beneficial if services aren’t required on a full time basis.

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