Pay less, get more 

Most business owners will already have weighed out many of the financial benefits of migrating their IT infrastructure to a Cloud based server. The key benefits to Cloud computing is the increased efficiency and reduced costs. It gives you and your employees/ students or colleagues an easy-to-use platform to share workloads and projects, whilst freeing up vital hard drive space and saving energy.

Swap your In-House data system to something a little more economical

Cloud computing is suited to almost every business type, and the benefits of exchanging your traditional in-house network are ongoing. Rather than maintaining a large, expensive on-site solution, businesses who use the Cloud are able to make use of it’s infrastructure services and adapt to changing demand with more ease.

Most corporations will only use 5-10% of their server capacity according to a recent study, and of course these have to be switched on around the clock. Because of this, the energy consumption is the same regardless of how much you use, whereas using the Cloud stops that waste. You only pay for what you use and Cloud data centre services utilize up to 70% of their capacity. Alongside this, servers need to be continuously upgraded to stay energy efficient; Don’t leave yourself open to malware and other software problems by not staying up-to-date,leave the upgrades down to the Cloud provider instead.

Cloud Computing helps Create Carbon Neutral businesses

If you endeavor to become an entirely carbon neutral business, or even just to reduce the size your carbon footprint, then Cloud migration is a good route to go down. It frees up space, saves energy and updates your software and infrastructure.

Benefits of carbon neutrality in business

Ethics play a huge part in any business and those who are not fulfilling the green expectations of many of today’s consumers are becoming more and more penalized. Being a carbon neutral business shows responsibility, awareness and a sense morality through your brand; something all good consumers want to see and all business owners should strive for. This increased demand from consumers has also helped pave the way towards the UK Government’s 20:20 scheme. Get a step ahead of any potential changes and legislations that might occur and make sure you’re not one of the businesses who’ve chosen to ignore environmental issues. Doing so could end up causing more problems than it is worth in the long run, for both you and the environment!

Once you are established as a carbon neutral business, you will be able to reap many further benefits such as positively differentiating from competitors and identifying with the top brands. By having an accredited sustainability platform you could appeal to and win new green contracts, helping to expand your reach as a whole.

The future is Cloud 

Switching from your old in-house system to one that is designed to suit the needs of today’s contemporary businesses and organizations can prove to instigate a more productive pivotal change in how you manage your business and employees, and even the Earth.

Matilda Hattersmyth writes on behalf of leading UK Microsoft champions, Penman IT. Penman provide professional IT infrastructure services and solutions and are based in London, England.


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