IT Managed Services in Voorhees and Camden, NJ

What can we do for you?

In order to customize an IT plan to meet your specific budget and IT needs, ION offers a wide range of IT Managed services from Maintenance to Monitoring to Management.

  • Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • Cloud Services Provider (CSP)
  • Security/Router/Firewall Services
  • Help Desk Support
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Network Engineering / Design
  • Managed Thin Clients
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • Exchange Email Solutions
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Load Balancing for Redundancy
  • Project Management
  • Print Services
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Consulting
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO)

IT Managed Services We Offer

We understand the diverse IT needs of modern enterprises, from routine maintenance and troubleshooting to complex network management and cybersecurity. Our services are grouped into Tiers that are designed to be flexible and responsive, ensuring your technology infrastructure supports your business goals seamlessly.


Tier 1 – reduces business disruption and outages thereby extending the life of your equipment while saving resources and money

  • Incorporates Preventive Maintenance and our 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Maintenance services
  • Introduction to the services and solutions
  • Provides a greater frequency of interaction
  • Includes two 15 minute phone calls or remote support sessions per month at no cost
  •  Designed for all businesses, especially, small businesses
  • Includes our 4-hour Service Level Agreement for immediate action toward resolution


Tier II – greatly improves operational efficiency

  • Encompasses our Tier I services including 24/7 remote monitoring and management
  • Deeper dive into the services and solutions
  • Oversight of designated applications
  • Greater frequency of interaction
  • Includes three 15 minute phone calls or remote support sessions per month at no cost
  • Includes our 2-hour Service Level Agreement for immediate action toward resolution


Tier III – significantly reduces costs, downtime, and outages while significantly increases efficiency

  • Comprehensive and full coverage of all your network devices and servers
  • Includes our Tier II services with expanded 24/7 remote monitoring and management
  • Specific focus on short and long term of the services and solutions
  • After-hours business support
  • Onsite maintenance and management
  • Includes four 15 minute phone calls or remote support sessions per month at no cost
  • Includes our 1-hour Service Level Agreement for action toward resolution
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IT Managed Services in Camden, NJ
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